A Safe Haven

The Project

RLF has designed and is in the process of implementing its major project for trafficked women. A 24 month programme focused on Nigerian female victims of trafficking, it seeks to first provide victims with culturally adapted international standard trauma treatment which will specifically address the trauma of the trafficking and associated violence experienced. The programme will also include an assessment and evaluation of the existing skill sets and interests in order to strengthen existing capabilities and develop new skills through various training and technology based business and financial literacy.

The Founder's Idea

The idea for the vision started when Oluwatobi OSOBUKOLA-ABUBU started her doctoral research on rehabilitation of trafficked victims. The first thing that struck her was the poor level and number of options of training available and provided to the survivors who while they had been trafficked in the life, had earned significant amounts of money. The options being offered for their rehabilitation were not viable enough to sustain them in the life they were now living especially when they still had debt to pay for the journey that led them into the trafficked experience. The desire and the zeal to see survivors of trafficking become successful entrepreneurs and role models for others drove the founder to begin to share the vision with partners and experts in the field and with the knowledge from her research, Oluwatobi has designed a different approach to rehabilitation of trafficked victims.