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Develop the Entrepreneurial Skills of Returned Trafficked Women

Renewed Love Foundation (RLF) is an independent, non-profit, non-governmental organization (NGO). It is founded as a proactive response to the high rate of human trafficking and other abuses like rape and child slavery; poverty and inadequate life skills amongst many women and youth. It was established as a direct result of a research project and developed to provide humanitarian assistance through rehabilitation and reintegration of trafficked and other abused victims.

About the Founder!


OLUWATOBI OSOBUKOLA-ABUBU is a doctoral student of the Department of African Studies. She has in the course of her graduate research, worked with the DC Human Trafficking Task Force Committee (HTTF) to sensitive students and staff at the Howard Law School and the Howard University Hospital on the identification and provision of support to victims of human trafficking.
She has always had an interest in assisting survivors to start their own business and scale-up. Using her previous working experience in economic, trade and investment issues, Oluwatobi created her own business, Fritters and Roast LLC, intending to mentor vulnerable women and youth.


Founder of Renewed Love Foundation

Starting With a New Mindset

Our Programs


Discussion with partners

Initial discussions with the survivors and all partners at the start of the program to ensure engagement of survivors and success.

Project Incubation

Develop ideas for new projects and businesses through internships and mentorships


Encourage knowledge acquisition in business, finance, media and technology to properly prepare and position the survivors.

Trauma therapy

Trauma counselling and treatment sessions to help overcome experience.

Assessment of skills and talents

A proper identification of one’s talents and level of entrepreneurship skills will help to fully develop the potential of the survivor.

We Change Your Life & World

Our Vision & Goal


Our Vision and Goal

Our vision is to assist survivors of trafficking and other victims of abuse, to become successful entrepreneurs, role models, mentors and advocates for other vulnerable persons.
Our goal is to identify, train and mentor returned survivors as future female entrepreneurs while concurrently dealing with their psychological trauma.